America the what ??

Why can’t everyone have the opportunity to go to college? Why is it that hundreds of people have to take out loans along with financial aid to pay for their education. Is it so wrong to let everyone be able to further their education. After the government fucks up the economy they then have the nerve to say they want to increase the student loan rate interest. They say people should go to college only if they can afford it. That’s not right. I am a college student who has to take out loans along with financial aid so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. So many other kids are having to do the same thing I am. Not everyone is rich and can pay for their education without the government’s help. It’s a shame that those that are rich want anyone who isn’t to fail. More money is spent fighting a bullshit war and locking minorities up than funding education. I am tired of these crooked ass politicians only looking out for rich folks and fucking over the rest of the country. The middle and lower class were the ones that built this damn country. Without us rich people would have nothing. All the people that are being abused and discriminated against are the ones that made this country what it is. The Native Americans cultivated this land before the white Europeans STOLE it. Without African Americans, White people would have never survived. We made their food, took care of their kids, cleaned their homes, and were still treated like crap. And here we are in 2013 and people are still pulling the same crap. Hispanics, Gays, and Muslims are treated inferior because of  hate and bullshit. Folks talk about immigration like they aren’t immigrants themselves. Everyone is an immigrant, we all came here from different countries with the exception of Native Americans. Muslims are hated because of 9/11, like all Muslims were resppnsible for that attack. Hell the damn hijackers were EXTREMIST, not regular Muslims. Why don’t people understand that. Then the government launched an unnecessary war that we are STILL stuck in. Gays are hated on by practically every religion, especially Christians. Why can’t we all just respect each others differences instead of fighting all the time. It’s ridiculous. We should love everyone and celebrate their differences.

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