You are not Sorry | Daily Prompt | No, Thank You

As per today’s Daily Prompt, If I could ban a word it would be “sorry.” I would ban this word because whenever it is said it is hardly meant. The word comes after someone is caught doing something they shouldn’t. They say sorry real quick to try to defuse the bomb, but in reality they have just ignited a firestorm.

Take in case Paula Deen. Anyone who watches American television knows a majority of what happened. Yesterday Paula Deen issued what I believe to be a half hearted “I’m Sorry” through YouTube for goodness sakes. She still got fired and is currently about to be sued out of house and home, metaphorically, by a former employee. The big question is, is she really sorry or is she just trying to save face?

The word sorry is misued so much that it should be banned. Why say it if you don’t mean it? You are wasting your time and you still are guilty of whatever it is you did. So save your “sorry” for someone gullible enough to believe it.

8 thoughts on “You are not Sorry | Daily Prompt | No, Thank You

  1. My response was about Deen as well. I saw the videos and a copy of the legal brief and I just could not believe it – you always think that things like this are a matter of the past, and then they come to light and you’re left wondering at the inhuman contempt some people bear for others. It really is shameful.


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