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I was raised as a Christian, and I give that partial credit to my moral views. I believe in Jesus and his principles more than the rules of Christianity. Jesus told us to love everyone and not to judge. I think some of the things going on in the Christian community today are against Jesus.

We are told not to judge others, but that is the first thing some Christians are doing. They preach hate instead of love and are always claiming that their religion is being oppressed.

In my opinion we as Christians are in no place to judge others. We may not agree with what others do, but that doesn’t mean that we need to condemn them. There is ONE GOD and He is the judge of humans, not Christians.

I am very accepting of other religions. I don’t like religion bashing and I will not participate nor be a bystander to it.  I think that type of behavior is wrong and should never take place inside or outside of ANY religious setting.

Personal experiences and interactions  also shaped my moral views. I always wanted to treat people nice even if they weren’t nice to me. I dealt with bullying as a child and I don’t want anyone to go through something like that. I am strongly against it. Whether it’s with kids or adults (yeah adults can be bullied too).

I knew people who were sexually abused as kids and saw how bad that was to a person’s psyche and self-esteem. I am against any type of child abuse, ESPECIALLY sexual and physical abuse. It is wrong and should never be covered up.

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