I’m A Mystery | Daily Prompt | A Mystery Wraped in an Enigma

Not many people know that I like to draw. I have had a sketchbook since high school. I doodle in it from time to time. I like drawing because it relaxes me. It is cathartic, like writing, it gives me a chance to put whats in my head onto paper. I am not a professional drawer but I do like it. I rarely share my drawings with anyone because I am a very private person. It’s funny to say that I’m private, but I have a blog and other social media. I usually don’t bare my feelings on social media much. I just started opening up myself to others. I know you guys are strangers but I feel like it’s eaiser to open up to people I don’t know that way they won’t be critical of me like people who know me are.

I wrote this in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

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