Life Changer | Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

This post is in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

If I were to change something in my life as a result of my blog, I would like for that to be my level of transparency with people I know. As I have previously said on my blog, it’s easier for me to open up to complete strangers than it is to open up to family and friends.

Because I have always been the quiet type, I find it hard to show my feelings to others. I hope through this blog I can begin to feel more comfortable in expressing my feelings with people around me.

4 thoughts on “Life Changer | Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

  1. Catherine that is the perfect goal and now that you have written it down you will achieve it. I believe a part of being happy and comfortable with yourself is not being afraid to show others who you really are. Rooting for you 🙂


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