Can I label you?

The question that is not really a question. Are you (insert noun, adjective, label) or something? Apparently asking about someone’s personal life requires you to ask them in not so subtle terms are they the person you think they are. These guided questions, if you can call them that, are usually asked by people who are trying to label a person by the response they give. For example, “Are you gay or something?”, is in the questioner’s mind, an easy way to ask if a person can be labeled gay or straight. The questioner is oblivious to the infinite number of responses that could be given. The frame of the question implies that if you respond no, then you “must” be straight when in actuality, you could be straight, bisexual or asexual. In trying to make it seem like the question only requires a yes or no response, those that respond are not given much chance to elaborate on their response. These type of inquiries should not be deemed questions because the inquirer is only looking for a short response, cutting off the responder after the word yes or no is spoken. Asking about someone’s sexual activity, academic intelligence, or other personal inquiries usually garner this so called question. All the person is really trying to do is put a label on you. I feel that people are so caught up in what others are doing that they are quick to ask these statements in an attempt to look down or have unneccesary quarrels with others. I guess some people think that in order to have meaning to their life they have to judge people based off of a response to a intrusive so called question.

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