Something Big

I have something planned, well not really planned, but its something I’ve had an interest in doing. Its an oppurtunity for me to do some good in the world any way I can. I’ve been offered acceptance into this oppurtunity. Problem is, I don’t know how my family will react. I fear they will reject me because of this oppurtunity. I really want to do this. I feel if I don’t, I’ll regret it.

I’ve graduated college reccently. This oppurtunity had always been in the back of my mind, but I wanted to explore other things first. I came back to this oppurtunity during my final semester in college. I applied, not fully believing that I’d be accepted. Well, a few months later, here I sit, awaiting the final acceptance conformation. Excited and confused as to whether and when I should share this information with my family.

I want them to be happy for me. I want them to see this oppurtunity the way I see it, as a chance. I don’t know how they will react, I’m afraid they won’t understand.

I don’t know what to tell or how to tell them. All I do is hope and pray that they will understand and support my decision.

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