For the Love of Music: Daily Prompt

For The Love of Music: Daily Prompt

I love listening to music. All kinds of music for the most part.

I have shared some of my favorite songs on my blog in the past. Music from Adele , Taylor Swift , Sam Smith , and JohnnySwim.

I have always loved music. Many say it is theraputic, I certainly agree. My musical tastes vairies from Rap to Broadway. I’m not much of a hard rock or country fan but I listen to it every once in a while.

My iPod is chock full of songs from the 80s with Micheal Jackson, to the new years with Sam Smith. My Pandora is full of different music also. Disney to Desiigner. It’s all up there.

Music is a universal language. With the recent death of Prince, whose music career spans decades, artists who are no longer alive can be appreciated and loved simply because their music is still here. There have also been reports that Prince has potentialy hundreds of songs that haven’t even been released yet.

I like my vast musical tastes. I can appreciate those who like certain music as well. I know some people who only listen to gospel or only listen to Hip Hop and I respect that. Music is so universial that not everyone has to listen to the same thing.

Beyonce just had and album come out and so did Drake. I haven’t listened to them yet but I most likely will eventually.





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