In the Shadow: Daily Prompt

The shadows, where darkness resides, where secrets hide.

In the shadows is where all the problems disappear to. Or so you thought.

Those shadows keep you up at night. You can’t escape them.

Skeletons in the closet. Hiding in the darkness. You fear the light.

The light will expose the secrets. The light will make the shadows disappear. But that isn’t what you want. Is it?

You want those shadows. They scare you, like the monster under your bed as a child or the boggie man. Yet you can’t let the light in. The shadows keep you safe.

In your illusion, the shadows allow you to pretend. They allow you to keep a smile on your face in public while you hurt in private.

The shadows stay even though they are hurting you, you are OK with it because, at least no on else knows. No on else has shadows right?

You’re the only one? No you aren’t but it has been so long that you have convinced yourself that you are.

Only you have secrets, skeletons, and shadows that will never be exposed to light as long as you can help it.

Yeah sure you keep believing that.


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