A Mother’s Stroll: Daily Prompt

Stroll(verb)- to walk in a leisurely way. (noun)- a short leisurely walk; a victory or objective that is easy to achieve.

Today is Mother’s Day. Everywhere people are celebrating their moms, grandmoms, new motherhood, and many other things related to this day.

Our daily prompt is stroll. Motherhood itself is not always a leisurely walk. Being a mother is one of a woman’s greatest joys. But that doesn’t mean it is a cakewalk.

A young mom strolls through the park with her newborn in the stroller. An elder mother walks gingerly with her daughter. A son gives his mother beautiful little flowers from their garden.

All the joys, all the pains. It is all motherhood. It is not a stroll, more like a marathon. Each day, each night, a mother puts on foot in front of the other, and takes care of her children, and sometimes her own mother. And that is great too.

For moms, grandmoms, aunts, sisters, and soon to be moms, Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s not a stroll, but everyday gets a little better.



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