Connection Lost| Daily Prompt

When did it become OK to commit a crime and not even get sentenced to one year in prison?

When did it become OK to engage in sexual intercourse without even one hint of consent?

Where was the connection lost?

Was it when you were pulling her pants down as she lay unconscious on the ground?

When those bike riders tackled you to the ground and called police? How did you like it to be held down on the ground?

The connection must have been lost when you were sitting in the back of that police car Hmm?

Did you think being a Stanford student gave you a pass to have sex with someone without their consent?

Did your dad spend all night writing the judge just to make sure his boy can have a future again? What about that woman’s future?

Prison would be too hard for you, it would destroy you, according to your father.

Like no you shouldn’t go to jail just for, what did your dad say, “20 minutes of action.”

You’re a young boy, you made a mistake. Surely the judge, a fellow Stanford Cardinal, should give you a pass.

Why? Why do you get only a six month sentence for taking away a woman’s right to feel safe, when a man who didn’t even commit a rape spent 6 YEARS in prison?

Rape culture.

It’s the culture that tells our girls to cover up and our boys to just be boys.

The culture that allowed Dr Luke to harass and belittle Kesha, even going as far as to try to keep her music from her.

This rape culture. It allows people like you, to only be given a 6 month sentence just because you are a Stanford boy. Well fuck you.

Fuck rape culture. Fuck anyone who tells me I shouldn’t wear shorts in 95 degree weather, wear a bikini, or dare walk alone in the evening.

Fuck anyone who tells boys that if they want sex from a girl they should get it any way they want.

That women should not provoke the carnal lust of men by wearing sundresses, skirts, shorts, or tank tops.

Fuck that guy who fondles his niece once her mom goes to bed.

Fuck the lost connection.

Fuck the lies, the excuses, the blaming.

No that woman didn’t ask for you to touch her. No it is not her fault because she went out earlier that night.

What? Women can’t go out now? If they do not want to get raped they should stay in the damn house. NO! Fuck that.

How about sorry ass punks like you be taught that a woman does not have to bend to your every whim and have sex because YOU want sex.

How about we teach our boys that no means no and if she is not awake she cannot consent.

How about instead of telling a woman to not go out at night or not wear “revealing” clothes, we start telling men that a woman is not property, a woman is not here for your sexual pleasure. She is not “asking” to be raped because she is wearing a sundress.

Where is our sense of respect for women? How did we allow this connection, the connection of consent, to be lost?

Does a yes not mean yes and a no not mean no anymore?

At no time are you allowed to have sex with someone without their consent. Rape is a crime. Yet we have people like this guy who rapes someone and is essentially only given a slap on the wrist.

That woman he raped will remember this forever. That night will be ingrained in her mind.

What does rape culture make us as a society, that we will continue to blame the person raped instead of the rapist? That we continue to tell girls to cover up instead of telling our boys to respect women?

It makes us cowards. Accessories to rape. When we do not change a culture such as this, we are only contributing to it. We are further losing the connection.

We have to stop it. We have to change rape culture. There is no excuse to use, no woman or child to blame for this culture.

It’s on us. It is literally on us to stop this shit. We can’t run to another country about this, we can’t continue the way we have been.

It has to stop. Rape culture has to come to an end. The connection has to be regained.






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