Mayhem in Orlando

Christina Grimmie, 22 years old, former The Voice contestant. Dead

50 people. The Pulse Nightclub. Dead.

Orlando, Florida. The latest location of the latest mass shooting.

Two shootings in the span of 48 hours.

Two places a mere few blocks from each other.

Christina Grimmie rose to fame via Youtube with song covers of various artists. She appeared on NBC’s The Voice finishing third during season 6. She was at her concert at The Plaza, as the supporting act behind the band Before You Exit.

She signed autographs, greeted fans. She was shot dead by a man she never knew.

He had two guns, three magazines. Planned to kill Christina and others. Yet was tackled by Christina’s brother. Then he took his own life.

2 AM. The Pulse Nightclub. A prominent LGBTQ gathering place. Party goers were celebrating Latin Night, as Pride month continues.

They thought the initial shots were part of the music. Until they heard more.

No one knew the man. He was armed with an assault rifle. Bent on killing.

50 people dead, 53 injured currently. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


Why do people feel the need to kill. Why is it so commonplace in this country to hear about shootings and not bat an eye.

President Obama has been at a podium speaking on this too many times to count. Sandy Hook, Charleston, Fort Hood, the Navy Yard, Aurora, and more.

One report said he has had to speak 15 times about mass shootings, another report says 18.

Too many. Too many times. Too many lost lives.

For what?

America has shootings often. It is too much.

When will it end?

Will it ever end?

A 22 year old up and coming artist’s voice has been silenced and 50 other people voices as well.

Possible future Grammy winners, mothers, fathers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, professors, actors, advocates. Dead.

Futures lost. Lives stolen.

Do we talk about gun control, again?

Do we talk about mental illness?Islamic extremists? Christian extremists? Homophobia?

Where does the conversation begin again?

Do we wait for another mass shooting to have another conversation that does not get us anywhere?

What do we do? Here we are again. More dead. More lives lost. What do we do?

I don’t know if any of these questions can or will be answered.

I know I’m tired. I’m tired of innocence lost over foolishness.

Tired of being afraid to leave your home for fear of being shot by a madman or a crooked cop.

Tired. Just tired. We all are.

When will it end?

Hate crimes, injustice, terrorism.

When will it end?

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