An Open Heart: Daily Prompt

Tragedy after tragedy. News story after news story documenting the loss of life, hope, help.

I’m a generally open minded person. I will treat you respectfully and I am not concerned with your personal affairs.

I was raised Christian, and the main principle I have carried with me is love.

Love for all mankind. Love for your family, friends, strangers, and yourself.

God’s command is for us to love. With love comes an open heart. Open for God to use.

God gave us the freedom of choice. We could choose to love or choose to hate.

Choose to open our hearts or harden them.

I’m no bible scholar, but I know the Bible says we must LOVE.


So as I open my heart to God and to love, I do not care what race you are, what religion, what sexual orientation, what creed. I LOVE YOU and my heart is open to your needs.

In the wake of these tragedies, EVERYONE needs to love and be loved.


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