The Ride

The wind blows gently as she pedals down the road.

She has riden almost 100 miles.

The sun is hidden behind the trees.

She pedals briskly.

She doesn’t want to go too fast because she will miss the scenery.

Further down the road she stops to take a breath.

Refuel with water and a protein bar.

A light stretch to loosen up the muscles a bit, then it is back on the road.

She begins to pedal briskly again.

The beauty is that she does not know her destination.

She is riding free, enjoying the air and scenes.

This is where she finds peace.

On her bike, on the road, she can breathe.

She can think. It’s just her and her bike.

No boss, no deadlines, no expectations.

Just the open road.

As she pedals, she knows she is free.

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