Evening Thoughts

I’ve been customizing my blog all day. My Daily Prompt post for today didn’t come up the way I wanted but I’m too tired and frusturated to keep messing with it.

I haven’t written about my feelings and what is going on with me lately.

I have reached 51 followers and it kind of dawned on me that I have an audience. Sort of.

I have a platform to talk about my feelings and the world around me.

I have always admired celeberities who use their public platforms for good.

That is the best way to use your fame in my opinion.

So I think that is what I want to do with my blog now.

Yes, I will still participate in Daily Prompts, do music suggestions, share other blogger’s content, but I want to start blogging about issues I feel are important to me. Subjects that I feel passionate about.

So once again, thanks to all the bloggers who are following my blog and as I said before, I look forward to gracing your Reader feeds.


Love and Hugs,


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