In The Darkness | Daily Prompt

Less than 24 hours after Alton Sterling was shot dead in Baton Rogue, another name has been added to the dreaded list.

Philando Castile. 32. Shot four times during a traffic stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He was complying. He was respectful.

He is still dead.

The darkness that has been surrounding our people is steadily begining to surround the world.

There has always been evil.

Evil against African Americans. Evil against Arabs. Evil against Jews. Gays. Women.

Now that evil is being exposed.

With cell phones recording, that evil is being exposed.

But as we know, video doesn’t mean anything.

Video was there with Rodney King. Yet no conviction.

Video was there with Mike Brown, Laquan MacDonald, Eric Garner. All was caught on video. Yet all resulted in no convictions.

Alton Sterling, and now Philando Castile. Their murders were caught on camera. But will there be a conviction this time?

When will officers be held accountable?

When will we expect more from our officers than we do?

It seems as if, we think officers are above the very laws that they swore to uphold.

If someone who isnt a police officer, shoots someone, they go to prison. Yet officers shoot people, with or without video evidence, and everytime it is excused.

Eric Garner was choked to death. It was excused.

Mike Brown was shot. It was excused.

Name after name. Hashtag after hashtag.

No indictments. No convictions.

When will there be accountability?

When will there be change?

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