Going Somewhere Slow|Daily Prompt

Many people have heard the phrase, “going nowhere fast”

When a teen gets into trouble for the umpteenth time or when a convict returns to jail, the phrase always seems to pop up.

“You’re going nowhere fast”

I see the phrase as a decleration instead of the warning some people may intend it to be.

The phrase seems to become a self fullfiling prophecy for some people.

“You’re going nowhere fast” could be broken down to mean,

If you continue doing something, ususally something deemed bad, then you are destined to become nothing.

I don’t feel this phrase is helpful or true to anyone.

That troubled teen may not always be a troubled teen, that convict may not always be a convict.

We are all on our own personal journey.

My journey doesn’t look like your’s, nor does your journey look like mine.

Even though we may have bumps along the road, we are all going somewhere slow.

We are going somewhere slow.

I take this twist on words to mean, we are going places at our own pace, achieving goals at our own pace. Not at the pace of society, your family, friends, or neighbor down the road.

So instead of “going nowhere fast” consider yourself and everyone else as going somewhere slow.

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