Neverending Nightmare|Daily Prompt

She still remembers where she was when she got the news.

It was 3:40 AM on a Tuesday.

They came to her door.

They didn’t even have to speak.

She knew.

Deep down in her soul.

She knew her baby wouldn’t be coming home.

Three years prior, when he told her what he wanted to do, she was apprehensive.

“Now. Why do you want to do that?”

She remembered when she dropped him off at the bus station.

She remembered when she went to his induction ceremony.

She was proud. Afraid, but proud.

Then he called her. He called her to tell her he had received instructions.

He was going into the chaos.

At the height of the turmoil, her baby boy had been asked to go.

Again she was afraid. Yet, she was also proud.

So now, at 3:40 AM on a Tuesday, when they showed up at her door with sad, drawn faces, she knew.

She knew she would always remmeber that day, that exact time, and it is her neverending nightmare.

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