Punishment at Work|Daily Prompt

Glares pierced his back as he walked in.

It was only his third week and already he was on someone’s bad side.

He didn’t know what he had done.

He rehearsed every action he’d taken from the time he began working there.

Had he not spoke one morning? Had he forgotten to ask for permission before he took his scheduled break?

What had he done?

As he was about to open his locker, a note was posted on it:

“Watch your back slob!”

He didn’t know who could have posted it.

He removed the note and placed it in his locker with his stuff.

A coworker came in the break room as he was leaving out.

She scowled and said “What are you still doing here? I’d have thought your ass would be gone by now.”

He looked away and continued out the door.

He thought, “What did I do to her?”

Now he was nervous.

It seemed as if everyone was against him.

Yet, he didn’t know what he did wrong.

His boss walked up to him and whispered in his ear:

“Get your butt in my office, now!”

Oh great. What had he done to deserve this punishment?


2 thoughts on “Punishment at Work|Daily Prompt

  1. Hello Catherine!

    This is Azia from the post What Are Those Kids Up To? First, I really like this little piece! Very clever and a great start to a story 🙂 Second, I messed up on my comment section and I didn’t have your email, so I wasn’t able to answer you back properly. But to answer your question, the first draft of the story took me about two days and then I revised here and there, spending about an hour or two on the subsequent drafts. The one on my site is the 5th/final draft. There’s an alternate ending, but I liked my fifth version the best!

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