David’s Decision | Daily Prompt

As I sit here listening to Joey read his poem, I can’t get over how proud I am of him.

Brice and I always knew Joey had the talent, he was just afraid to show it.

I’ve known Joey and Brice since 3rd grade.

I consider them my brothers.

They know more about me than my family.

They are the only ones who know my secret.

I’ve kept this for two years.

I’m tired of holding it in.

The longer I keep this secret, the more elusive my happiness will be.

I so badly want to be happy.

I want to tell my family.

I want them to know the real me.

I’m still the star athlete. I’m still David.

Tonight I will tell them.

I will sit them down and tell them what I have been waiting two years to say,

I’m gay.

I hope they’ll still love me.


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