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I was going to wait until my one year anniversary to post about my volunteer work with Crisis Text Line, but since today’s Daily Prompt is Crisis, I have choosen to do it today.

Last August, I was looking for places to volunteer in my community and the only two places I felt would be good experiences were the local hospital and a local crisis center.

I put in volunteer applications to both places.

I was accepted at the hospital, which is a place I still volunteer at, my one year anniversary of volunteering there is coming up in late August.

I was rejected from the crisis center.

I was bummed but moved on.

Around late September, I was on To Write Love on Her Arms Facebook page and they posted about an organization called, Crisis Text Line. The organization was looking for volunteers.

The volunteer work could be done completely online once you were accepted into the program.

I applied.

I was accepted and placed in the training program for Cohort 8.

Our training consisted of learning active listening skills, how to defuse intense situations, and establishing rapport with texters among other skills.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, was my first shift as a trained Crisis Counselor.

I logged on that night, excited and nervous.

The way Crisis Text Line works is: a person texts in from their mobile phone and we respond to them via computer interfaces.

The service is free and operates 24/7.

Fast forward to today, and I am a Level Three counselor with Crisis Text Line.

It was the best decision I have made.

I love Crisis Text Line and the work we all do. We are making difference one conversation at a time.

I’m not sure if we are looking for volunteers for the next cohort but if you want to volunteer click on Crisis Text Line to fill out an application.

My Crisis Text Line t-shirt.

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