My Muse| Daily Prompt

If muse means what I think it does, then I have plenty.

Well, to start off, a muse is something that is your artistic inspiration.

Since I’ve been dealing with writer’s block this past week, I’ve been watching a lot of television.

Oh how I love television. Always have, always will. This is my 1st muse.

Watching an episode of Glee or Law and Order sometimes sparks my creative juices.

I haven’t shared my love for television much on my blog, but I can say many of my recent posts have been inspired from my television set.

TV calms me. It’s escapism at it’s finest. I sit down in front of the television and it’s like I can forget about stuff for a few hours.

Music is my 2nd muse. I’ve loved music all my life as well. I have a guitar but I don’t play it often. I have countless CDs and songs fill my iPod.

Listening to music soothes me in a way also. I wake up and put on a CD or turn on the radio.

I can spend all day and night watching videos on Youtube also.

I’m not a musician, but I greatly appreciate those that are. It’s quite a skill to be able to put pen to paper and make a chart topping hit.

My third muse is books. I’m an avid reader. Nonfiction, fiction, crime, fantasy. I read all of them. Reading books is a good way to spark my creative side too.

So television, music, and books are my muses. They each inspire me in their own way. Writer’s block is the devil, but when I have TV, music, and a book, I’m bound to come up with something.

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