Just Beneath the Surface|Daily Prompt

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so it’s believed.

Smiling faces betray what hides beneath.

Joyous Facebook posts of a new car, a new pet, a baby.

It’s just a show. An illusion.

We only post the good stuff. We only talk about what is going right, not what is going wrong.

As it’s said, all that glitters isn’t gold.

What looks perfect to the outside world is far from perfect inside.

We could speak out, but we choose to hide instead.

Hide behind happy Facebook posts, hide behind perfectly painted white picket fences.

Hide behind a lie. Just so no one finds out the truth.

So no one figures out we are hurting.

Hanging on by a frayed thread.

If only we could take a look beneath the surface.

Would we see the truth then?

Would we even want to?


via Duaily Prompt: Surface

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