More Names, More Pain

It hit close to home this time. Charlotte, NC just a few hours from where I reside. A man, a cop, death.

Keith Lamont Scott, shot yesterday afternoon by a Charlotte police officer. Details are still forthcoming.

Protestors took to the streets last night full of anger and sadness.

Keith Lamont Scott; This picture was taken without permission from the Keith Lamont Scott memorial page.


Just a day after Terence Crutcher was shot by an officer in Tulsa Oklahoma, those details are still forthcoming as well but it appears in the video that Crutcher had his hands up as he stood near the driver side door of his car, another name has been added to the dreaded list.

Terence Crutcher

What has this world come to when it seems you can be killed for any reason by the same people who are supposed to protect you?

Is this racism? Is this a lack of proper training? Is there even an explanation?

At a time where some are angered by athletes not standing for the national anthem, are the same people angry at this? Is this not what Kaepernick said he is choosing to sit down over?

Are there¬†any answers here? This year isn’t over yet and it seems as if there has been one tragedy after another.

Is there any hope left in this world?

4 thoughts on “More Names, More Pain

  1. I think it’s a combination of racial profiling and poor training. Officers are supposed to shoot to disarm, not shoot to kill. The fact is, a lot of White and Hispanics die this way as well, even though no one marches for them when it happens. Tension is also rising and neither side trusts the other.


    1. I’m sure it’s not ONLY happening to black men but it does appear to be disproportionate. I assure you that were it as rampant for white people, they would do something about it. Would they march? Would they sit down for the anthem? I don’t know. But they certainly wouldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening. There are an awful lot of people who would love to discredit the claims that the police are brutalizing blacks at an alarming rate. If they had a way to prove it they would. The cameras would be there to catch those instances too and they’d share them.


      1. If memory serves, around 60% of deaths resulting from police brutality are White, and about 18% are Black. Whites make up 60+% of the population so that’s not too bad, but Blacks only about 12% which is where the “disproportionate” comes in. So it happens to Whites roughly 3 times more often, but definitely more often to Blacks than the population accounts for. Hence, why it doesn’t raise as much alarm.

        A lot of them are protesting, and making videos too, but a lot feel like they can’t talk about their lives nattering without being drowned out or criticised by Blacks and other minorities from BLM.

        I’m not American, so as the objective bystander from a predominantly Black country, who is now living in America, I see the problem being more about police brutality than anything else. Keep in mind also that the NC officer was Black, as is the chief of police there who insists the victim was in the wrong.

        Just my observation.


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