No Time to Pretend|Daily Prompt

Read the papers, look at your local news, look around in the community. You will see it.

Blinders, fake smiles, façades.

Aren’t we tired.

Can’t we see it?

The lies, the bull.

People die everyday. There is no escaping death.

We are wasting time pretending, when we don’t even have time.

We have to stop. We have to stop pretending, stop lying. Just stop.

Our lives are too precious. Our time is too valuable.

We have to be real with ourselves.

We have no time to pretend.



via Daily Prompt: Pretend

3 thoughts on “No Time to Pretend|Daily Prompt

  1. That was thought provoking catherine! We do fake too many times in our lives, when saying the truth just might bring us more fulfillment. Catherine, I am here to tell you that I nominated you for another award only because I read and love your blog so much. It’s the Liebster award and really upto you to accept or decline. Any which way I will be a huge fan 🙂
    Sending lots of love! ❤

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