Daring to be Beautiful: Daily Prompt

Don’t wear that.

Why are you so dark?

Why are your teeth like that?

You look funny.

Your nose is too big.

Why is your hair like that?

All these questions run through your mind as you look in the mirror.

Every ill word about your appearance that someone dared say to you.

You don’t meet their view of beauty.

You are too dark.

Your hair is too long or too short.

Your clothes aren’t popular enough.

You are ugly in their eyes, so you feel ugly in your own eyes.

You are afraid to even look in the mirror most days.

But then something changes.

You wake up one morning, go into your bathroom, and take a long look in the mirror.

You don’t see your nose as big.

You think you look good in that dress.

Your hair isn’t too long.

It is here, staring at yourself in the mirror, that you realize you have been lied too.

You aren’t ugly. You aren’t too dark.

You are beautiful.

Right here, right now, you have made the decision to love yourself.

You love how you look.

You love what you wear.

Screw what everyone else says.

You are daring enough to see yourself, not as they see you, but as God made you.

You are beautiful and no one can tell you differently.


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