The Ultimate Loser

America,  we have made our bed and must lie in it.

The votes have been tallied. The “winner” and “loser” have spoken.

There is hurt, disappointment, anger, fear.

Our presence on the world stage is that of a laughing stock.

We are divided.

We have been divided throughout this whole campaign.

We lost.

America is the ultimate loser.

When I voted, I was voting not only for myself but for my family, friends, ancestors, and future generations.

I am not sure if others did the same.

Did you vote for your future or did you vote out of spite?

Was it all a joke to you when you went to the polls? If you went?

What will our country look like on Janurary 20,2017?

Right now, we look a mess.

We look defeated.

We look shocked.

Can we be shocked though?

In order to have made it here, the candidates had to go through the primaries, then their respective conventions, then to the ballot.

They both made it all the way there. With scandals, soundbites, speeches. They made it.

America made a choice.

The Electoral College made the wrong choice.

What do we tell our children?

I am more disappointed than angry.

I am more concerned than afraid.

I will continue to speak up.

I will continue to fight for all.

I will not stop praying.

America is the ultimate loser here, but we will not go down without a fight.

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