Up in Flames| Daily Prompt

Alexander just would not stop working. He had to get through to Congress.

Eliza wanted him to come home.

He should have taken a break.

Then he met Maria Reynolds. She seduced him with her good looks.

He just could not say no.

Maria’s husband found out. He wanted Alexander to pay up.

Burr, Madison, and Jefferson were so sick of Hamilton they were relieved when they found out about Maria.

But Hamilton played one thing smart, he kept his receipts. No illegal deed was done.

“I want to protect my legacy. I will get out in front of this. I’ll confess to my affair.”

The Reynolds Pamphlet became Alexander’s confession. The whole¬†world read it.

Poor Eliza.

She was so embarrassed.

She wrote him a letter.

via Daily Prompt: Flames

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