The Last Entry

November 21, 1963

I have to go to Texas today. I need to start setting my platform for next year’s campaign. With all that is going on with Lyndon, I worry I may need to find a new VP to run with next year.

Jackie and I will be touching down in San Antonio first. I’ll make my rounds in Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas as well. I really hope I will be home for John Jr.’s birthday. I saw him crying whwn we left on Air Force One this morning. I hate to see him cry. I know the people in Texas don’t like me much. Much of the Texas Democratic Party doesn’t like me or Lyndon and he is from this state. We have to find some common ground in order to have a chance at winning Texas next year.

Jackie is worried about all of this, but I reassured her that everything will be fine. It is getting late, we had a long day today. We will ride through Dallas tomorrow before I have to go to that luncheon. I am tired of the friction between everyone, I hope we can sort it all out tomorrow.

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