The Hamilton Mixtape



Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius continues. The Hamilton Mixtape arrived on the East Coast at midnight on December 2,2016. We already heard seven songs from the album that were released earlier. I (in)patiently waited like the rest of the world for the album to finally come out. I was thrilled and amazed by the finished product. Artists new and old put their own spin and feel on the musical’s soundtrack. Some songs I didn’t much care for like Wiz’s revised Washington on Your Side and Jimmy Fallon’s comical but ultimately useless You’ll Be Back, but overall the album met my expectations. Nothing beats the original soundtrack, but this mix tape is a work of art. I can’t wait for Volume 2. FYI, you can buy the Hamilton Mixtape from iTunes, Google Play, stream it on Spotify, or pick up a physical copy whenever it hits stores.

2 thoughts on “The Hamilton Mixtape

  1. I am thoroughly confused by Kelly Clarksons It’s Quiet Uptown. She switches up pronouns and I never know who she’s supposed to be so I can’t get into the emotion the song is supposed to evoke. I also didn’t love John Legend’s gospel spin. But I, like you, think it’s great overall. 🙂

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