Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close| Daily Prompt

In a world where everyone is fixated on being seen, there is no such thing as privacy .

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram rule our lives.

Paparazzi snap pictures of celebs and their kids with no regard for human decency.

Everyone has to be noticed. All you do has to be shared, liked, reposted, retweeted.

You simply must snap a picture of the food you eat for the Gram.

Record your tenth anniversary dinner on Facebook Live.

Tweet about the time you lost your car keys.

Send a Snapchat with your rose colored headband to all your friends.

Everything is share worthy and nothing is private anymore.

It is like we value our worth by how many likes we get. How many retweets and shares.

We mistake it for closeness with others. Our “family” becomes our Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Our need to be seen masks the insecurities we hide deep within our souls.

We’re extremely loud and incredibly close to nothing but a screen. Nothing but false connections.



3 thoughts on “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close| Daily Prompt

  1. oddly enough, I feel like there’s a lot of power in privacy. in realizing that hey, you don’t have to press “share” or “post” or document certain details of your life. in toggling privacy features here and there, etc. but you’re right–there’s been an enormous (and irritating) normalization of the publicizing of our lives via SM…

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  2. Any body who doubts your cogent message should sit back and realize we just elected our first Twitter President. And he’s still Tweeting! I think the 1984 connection is quite real. The irony is that we appear to love it. We live in this wonderland of digital imagery, games, chats and drink our beer and eat our hamburgers while we use our smart phone to get some footage of the dog chasing a fake ball…hahaha isn’t that hilarious…the dog is running itself crazy, hahaha…we can put that on Facebook!


    Our new 1984, aka, 2017 isn’t a black and gray world…it’s a colorful, energetic, fun-filled world of digital images.

    I share pics. I do. I shared pics from my trip to Japan. But there was tons of stuff you didn’t see. Because I refused to film every damn thing I saw. The reason I love blogging is because it takes me hours to write one blog which I post around every two weeks or so. And I can read thoughtful blogs…and yes, lengthy blogs. I can read thoughts such as yours Catherine. So thank you. We, who still read books, who still sit still for a long while without pecking on our smart phones…thank you!

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