No Ban, No Wall: Life in Trump’s America

He has literally only been in office for 10 days.

On Friday, January 27, his seventh day in office, Trump signed an executive order banning travel of people from Muslim majority nations, specifically Syria, Libia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, and Iraq. The ban, which would prevent people from these countries from entering America for 120 days (4 months) and would also affect refugees who are applying for asylum and visas, was not well received by many Americans.

Many called this a Muslim ban, since the executive order singled out Muslim majority nations and has a clause within presumably protecting Christains and other religious minorities of these nations from the travel ban.

Once Trump signed the order, chaos ensued at airports when green card holders returned to American soil this past weekend. People were detained and faced deportation until a federal judge in New York declared that green card holders could not be detained since they were already legal residents of America.

The ban prompted nationwide protests at airports around the country as well as statements from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Olympian and Somalian refugee Mo Farah, and countless others.

This ban puts many refugees at risk for deportation and discrimination as well as sends a message to all foreign nations, that America is no longer the land that accepts your tired, poor, hungry, and huddled masses yearning to be free, as is inscribed on The Statue of Liberty. America is no longer the place to come seeking safety from war and harm.

When Trump signed this executive order, he essentially said fuck you to all refugees, immigrants, and the American people themselves.

He doesn’t want to unite the nation, he wants to divide it. His picks for top government positions have no clue what they are doing and are simply yes men and women.

To add insult to injury, this ban was signed on Holocaust Remeberance Day.

Also on Friday, Trump signed an executive order to begin construction on the border wall between U.S. and Mexico, seemingly fulfilling the promise that he ran on during his campaign.

So only 10 days in and we have an executive order to build a wall, an order to ban travel, as well as the orders to build the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines.

In only 10 days this administration has relayed the message that we aren’t the welcoming, safe country we once were. Instead we are a country who thrives on fearmongering and division.

America isn’t great again, and as evident by these first 10 days, I worry things will get worse.

2 thoughts on “No Ban, No Wall: Life in Trump’s America

  1. I’m with you Catherine.

    My solution to Trump’s WALL is to sell the Statue of Liberty as an architectural folly. Since we obviously have a president who understand the concept of “freedom and liberty.”

    McCain and Graham are absolutely right. The Muslim ban will only serve to create MORE terrorism rather than decrease.

    And the Pipeline order is so reprehensible as to defy language.

    Where are the Dems? I wish we had a million more Elizabeth Warrens. She appears to be the only one with an angry voice. Trump refuses to release taxes. That is an impeachable offense. Somebody up there please do something!

    Okay, I’m done. My blood pressure is up. I’m going to sit outside and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. It makes more sense.

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    1. Paul,
      This country is in for a mess. He just fired the acting Attorney General Sally Yates last night because she refused to enfore his travel ban because she saw the ban as unconstitutional. He told her she was “betraying the Dept of Justice” by not enforcing the order that as of now has the ACLU, CAIR, and the states of New York and Washington, filling lawsuits against it.

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