The Summer of Binge Watching

The Summer of Binge Watching

May is here which means summer is right around the corner. These past couple months have been very busy for me and I hope to get a little reprieve this coming summer. Thankfully I will have some time on my hands to read some books and watch television.

My current weekend obsession is the ever popular streaming service, Netflix. I am 1 month into my new subscription and I must say I am deeply satisfied. Since March, I have watched countless movies and television shows.

I initially got Netflix as a free 30 day trial so I could watch the movie Burning Sands, which I have reviewed here . During that 30 day free trial, I watched all four seasons of Orange is The New Black, season 6 of Shameless, Brotherly Love, Jamesy Boy, Thirteen Reasons Why, and 13th. Since my subscription began in April, I have seen The Get Down, BoJack Horseman, Dear White People, Little Boxes, Our Song, and Frat Star.

So far so good. I eagerly await Season 5 of Orange and I intend to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events sometime this month. Haven’t made up my mind about watching Stranger Things and House of Cards yet. I was surprised at the quality original programming Netflix has. I did not expect their originals to be that good. I am hooked and shook by the series I have watched so far.

I look forward to this summer not only for the rest I’ll get, but also for the abundance of Netflix programming I will be watching. It is a good time too since many of my live tv shows are having their season finales in the coming weeks.

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