The Summer of Binge Watching

May is here which means summer is right around the corner. These past couple months have been very busy for me and I hope to get a little reprieve this coming summer. Thankfully I will have some time on my hands to read some books and watch television.

My current weekend obsession is the ever popular streaming service, Netflix. I am 1 month into my new subscription and I must say I am deeply satisfied. Since March, I have watched countless movies and television shows.

I initially got Netflix as a free 30 day trial so I could watch the movie Burning Sands, which I have reviewed here . During that 30 day free trial, I watched all four seasons of Orange is The New Black, season 6 of Shameless, Brotherly Love, Jamesy Boy, Thirteen Reasons Why, and 13th. Since my subscription began in April, I have seen The Get Down, BoJack Horseman, Dear White People, Little Boxes, Our Song, and Frat Star.

So far so good. I eagerly await Season 5 of Orange and I intend to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events sometime this month. Haven’t made up my mind about watching Stranger Things and House of Cards yet. I was surprised at the quality original programming Netflix has. I did not expect their originals to be that good. I am hooked and shook by the series I have watched so far.

I look forward to this summer not only for the rest I’ll get, but also for the abundance of Netflix programming I will be watching. It is a good time too since many of my live tv shows are having their season finales in the coming weeks.

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