Shallow Waters| Daily Prompt

She stepped to the edge of the sand. The water was beautiful. She had never been here before and felt a tingly sensation of gratitude. As she inched closer to the water, it was cool as it swished over her toes. She gingerly walked forward. The water was slow and steadily moving. She walked farther until she was she was knee deep in the shallow water. She dipped her head under the water. Still blue, salty, and crisp. She raised her head above the surface. She looked back and realized she was farther from the shore. She liked this. She kept moving forward until her feet did not touch the sand at the bottom. She swam now. Slow and steady strokes, preserving her energy. She swam down under the surface. It was so beautiful. She felt at peace. She did not want to go back up to the surface.

She felt something tug at her leg. She attempted to move. She couldn’t. Something was pulling her down. She started to panic. A bright light obstructed her vision.

When she awoke, she was strapped to a table. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. A figure appeared. She kept trying to scream, trying to get up, but her body would not respond. The figure put their hand on her shoulder. She felt a sharp pain. Everything went black.

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