Show Me Mercy| Daily Prompt

The invisible weight on his shoulders is becoming too much. He tries to smile and act like everything is well but it is hard. Death seems to be chasing him. Last week his cousin died, last year it was his uncle, two years prior, it was his classmate. He cannot escape the feeling that he will be next. It will be his photo in the obituary section of the paper. Friends and family will be making memorials for him.

He moves cautiously, with thia question in his mind daily. He is careful not to drive too fast, not to drive too slow. Never take a hit, drink in moderation. Don’t walk to fast down the sidewalk, don’t idle too long at the stoplight, or in front of someone’s house. Be careful, be cautious, be afraid.

He is only 19. He looks around and sees what his future could be. Working for pennies at the local store, slinging dope on the street, in and out of lockup, fathering children he is not prepared for.

There are no dreams of college, no dreams of having his own business, or beinf a doctor, or pilot. He knows some guys who went to the military. He does not see that for himself.

He is stuck, like a deer in headlights. He does not know where to go or what to do to escape his fate. This weight is getting too much.

It is crushing him, slowly but surely.

Is there no mercy?

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