My Riding Strategy: Daily Prompt

Happy New Year!! A quick update, I’m on my third book of the year: 1984 by George Orwell. I set my 2018 Goodreads goal at 25 books. I bought a bicycle last weekend and did my first ride yesterday.

I bought a Trek 7.2 FX, women’s specific design. I have not ridden a bike since I was a kid, so I was excited to buy it. I had been going back and forth between buying a bike for about two years now and I finally decided to go ahead and get one. I really had no more excuses left to justify not buying one. As part of my goals for 2018 I want to stop denying myself things because of fear and naysayers, so the purchase of my bike is one of the first purchases that adhere to my desired goal.

When I was on my ride yesterday, I fell a few times but suffered no injuries. For someone who has not ridden a bike in so long, I feel I did well. Before I purchased the bike last weekend, I did ride it around the parking lot of the shop. I purchased my bike from one of my local bike shops. I bought it from a shop verses a big box store because the shop was able to tailor the bike to my size. The bikes I liked in Walmart and Target were too big for me.

When riding my bicycle, I rediscovered how important it was to keep pedaling. It sounds funny, but really, whenever I stopped pedaling or got distracted in some way, I ended up failing or almost falling. As long as I kept pedaling, I maintained my balance and began pacing myself. You cannot pedal too fast because the bike may slip from under you if you are not careful, you cannot pedal too slow because you will end up falling. I had to pedal at a moderate speed in order to keep my balance.

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3 thoughts on “My Riding Strategy: Daily Prompt

  1. Crazy, how riding a bike can get away from you. I used to rollerblade and ride a bike everywhere. I bet with my panic attacks if I got on a bike, today the adventure would not be boring.

    Good, for you! your post makes me want to give bicycling a whirl. How did your legs feel, afterwards?

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    1. My legs felt fine. I didn’t pedal too hard because I am still working on my balance and wanted to be safe. When I was debating whether to buy the bike or not, I had doubts of whether I’d remember how to ride and if it was a good idea. I put those thoughts to the side and said, I’ll never know if I do not try. Many times, we sike ourselves out of something because of fear and doubt. We pass up on what could be very great opportunities. All that will get you is regret. One motto I adopted for this year is, “why not now”. I got tired of putting stuff off, waiting for the “right” time and situation. If you want to get into cycling, go ahead. Its your life and truly only up to you whether you do it or not. ❤ thanks for reading & responding.

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