Changing Tides

Hi everybody! I have finally made the decision to move from a free WordPress plan to a personal plan. With this move, I have obtained a free domain name and my site will now be: I have been on WordPress coming up on 5 years in June and I feel that in order for me to grow in this space, I need to make some changes.

I remember when I first started my blog I had the sub domain name, a mouthful right? Yeah. I had that name for a few years and my blog was mostly an extension of my personal journal. I wrote about the difficult times I was going through and shared my opinions on current events and music. At the time, this was a space where I could just freely express how I felt about my life and other issues. I then changed the sub domain to, and I still posted about my life, music, and I started doing book reviews. This subdomain was born out of how I wanted people to see what my site was about. I was under the notion that I needed a specific niche, but I knew I also wanted to talk about a wide array of topics, so I chose the two topics I wrote about most at the time, my feelings and music, and I went with that for a domain name.

Now as we charge toward the halfway mark in 2018, I felt I should make a change. I started from a new year’s resolution I made to write on my blog more and I have always flirted with the idea of getting a freelance gig. I knew my super long sub domain name was a mouthful, even for me to type, so I had to come up with something slightly shorter. My first name is Catherine. My middle name starts with a J and I write about a wide array of topics, so once I switched to the personal plan, I searched and it was available, so here we are.

I thank all my followers and supporters for being with me through this journey and I will continue to use this space as I grow.

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