Top 10 Shocking Moments on Scandal

In honor of #TheFinalScandal premiering tonight, I have compiled a list of the top 10 shocking moments in the show’s 7 season run.

10. Fitz kills Verna Thorton

Season 2 episode 13. Fearing that Verna, on her death-bed, will spill all the beans about Defiance, Fitz pays Verna a visit in the hospital and cruelly cuts off her oxygen.

9. Sally Langston kills her husband

Season 3 episode 9. After learning that her husband was cheating on her, just as she was climbing to the top of the political game, Sally stabbed her old man with a letter opener.

8. Jake Kills James

Season 3 episode 14 . In order to keep James quiet about Sally murdering her husband, Jake corners David and James in an alley, and shoots James. Jake, the annoying cruel bastard he is, leans down and holds James’s hand as he takes his final breath.

7. Fitz gets shot

Season 2 episode 7. Fitz is gearing up for his 50th birthday bash, as he and Mellie are trying to pretend that everything is fine. Their terse interactions are put on hold for a second as the smile for the camera. As Fitz and Mellie are walking up to the gala, a shot rings out. Fitz tumbles backwards.

6. Jerry Jr. gets poisoned

Season 3 episode 18. In the hopes of winning his re-election, Fitz is doing all he can to get voters on his side. Unfortunately, the odds are against him and Eli/Rowan is none to pleased that Fitz still has eyes for Olivia. So he decides to make Fitz pay. Jerry Jr. is dressed and ready for the spotlight, until he starts coughing uncontrollably. He collapses with blood all over his face. Turns out, Eli/Rowan had Tom poison him to get back at Fitz.

5. Huck pulls out Quinn’s teeth

Season 3 episode 9. The episode opens with Quin bound and gagged on the floor of her apartment. After falling in with a bad crowd, Quinn has tested Huck’s everlasting patience. Huck stands over her with a sorrowful look on his face, telling her he does not want to hurt her, but he has no choice. As she screams her head off, Huck pulls out his pliers, tells her to quiet down, and proceeds to be a back alley dentist on Quinn’s mouth. YOLO bitches.

4. Frankie Vargas gets killed

Season 6 episode 1. The promising Democratic candidate Frankie Vargas, who survived his first assassination attempt, thanks to Cyrus, accepts his win as the incoming President in the Season 6 opener, but the celebrations are cut short when a shot rings out and Frankie ends up bleeding out on the stage.

3. Eli is revealed as Olivia’s father

Season 2 season finale. All of season 2 we saw Eli, the commander of B613, he was running around calling the shots and being an all around badass, and in the season 2 finale, we got a big reveal. As Olivia leaves for a morning run, she is surrounded by paparazzi. Cameras flashing, microphones waving. Someone pulls Olivia aside and ushers her into a limo. In that limo, is Eli. Olivia utters one word, “Dad?!.” and the episode ends.

2. Olivia reveals her affair

Season 5 episode 2. Apply titled “Yes”, when the press comes knocking, Olivia fessed up to being Fitz’s mistress and the cat is out of the bag.

Honorable Mentions

Big Jerry raped Mellie. Season 3 episode 7. In a flashback, it is revealed that Fitz father, an old drunk who Fitz cannot stand, raped Mellie one night at their house. Mellie did not tell Fitz at the time, deciding to spare his heart as he already hated his dad enough.

Mellie purposely induced her labor to get Fitz to herself. Season 2 episode 13. Fed up with Fitz giving all his attention to everyone but her, Mellie convinces her doctor to induce her labor early so that their new baby can come into the world and Fitz would have no choice but to be right by her side.

Mama Pope eats her wrists. Season 3 episode 8. In an attempt to escape the dungeon Eli put her in, Mama Pope chewed through her own damn wrists to induce so much blood it was crazy. It worked, because EMS rushed her out of that cell like her water had just broke.

1. Olivia kills Andrew

Season 5 episode 17. When Olivia was kidnapped back in season 4, it was revealed that former VP Andrew Nichols was behind it. It was his vindictive attempt to blackmail Fitz into starting a war with West Angolia, so he’d lose and the country would hate him, and presumably love Andrew. Andrew was also sleeping with Mellie at the time. Fast forward to season 5, Olivia is still haunted by her kidnapping ordeal and Andrew is threatening to tell the world about West Angolia and his affair with Mellie, and this is after Huck gave him a stroke. Olivia goes to meet with Andrew in a bunker under the White House. She attempts to reason with him, telling him that he really loves Mellie and does not want to cause her any pain. Andrew blanks and starts mocking Olivia and brings up her kidnapping, laughing and saying that telling the world about Mellie is his revenge. Olivia is having intense flashbacks while Andrew is speaking and is violently gripping a nearby chair. As she snaps out of the flashback, she lifts the chair and yells that Andrew does not get revenge, revenge is hers, as she proceeds to whack him in the face. Whack! Whack! Whack! By the time Olivia stands up, horrified, Andrew is crumpled on the ground in a bloody heap.

I have watched this show since the first episode, and while I am sad to see it end, I am glad that it will end on its own term. Get the popcorn out and the wine ready, tonight will be one for the history books!

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