The End of An Era: Goodbye Toys R’ Us

I am sad. Toys R’ Us will be closing their doors today for the final time. Due to bankruptcy, Amazon, Walmart, and other toy retailers, the toy giant had to make the tough decision to close its stores. Store liquidation began in late March and now today is the final day for all US stores. This includes Babies R’ US. There will be no more brick and mortar stores and online purchasing stoped at the end of April. Wow. I remember being excited to go to Toys R’ Us and pick out all my favorite toys. The Christmas catalog that came in the mail every year was also a highlight for me. I am sad to see the end of an era.

3 thoughts on “The End of An Era: Goodbye Toys R’ Us

  1. It makes me sad too. 😢 I have fond memories of that store I bought my little sister a bike from there and taught her how to ride it without training wheels.

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