Meet Catherine

I did an interview with BloggerVue. I had lots of fun. Check them out. They love supporting other bloggers.


1)  What is your blog about?  What is your niche, if you have one? 

I blog about everything. I have posts about current events, sports, blogging life, television, music, movies, and mental health. I have fiction and nonfiction posts as well. 

2)  Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2013. I began my blog as an extension of my persomal journal. I felt the need to share my thoughts with a wider audience. 

3)  What do you love about blogging?  What do you not like about blogging?

 I love being able to share my thoughts without fear of judgement. I love the blogging community because they are all so supportive and kind. I love coming up with ideas for posts. I cannot think of anything I do not like abour blogging. 

4)  What is your biggest obstacle/fear about blogging?

My biggest fear about blogging…

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7 thoughts on “Meet Catherine

  1. Dear Catherine,

    Your blog is awesome! I also love the ability to share my thoughts with the world.

    This is a great and ever-expanding community we are a part of and I am proud to be here. Thanks for sharing this post, have a great day! ☺

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    1. Yes. I had a different url in the begining, then changed it when I bought a WP plan. I talk about my blog origins in a post on my blog titled: Changing Tides. Go ahead and check it out. Thanks for the comment. ❤

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