Beginner Knife Collection

As you see from the title, I have began a knife collection. Initially inspired by a need for self defense protection without having to carry a gun, I started looking at knives. I searched around the internet for knives and came across a practice known as Everyday Carry. Everyday Carry is about tools people have on them for everyday use. Among those tools, are knifes. Knifes for everyday carry can also be used for self defense. There are many places to get these knives including Amazon, sporting goods stores, Blade HQ, Knife Center, and many other retailers. I bought my first knife off the Wish app. It has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker tip on it. I paid $6 for it. It’s a no brand knife with 440 stainless steel made in China. The blade is sharp and it cuts well. The second knife I bought was a CRKT Squid in black stonewash finish from Amazon for $18 The third knife I purchased was the Kershaw Emerson CQC 6K, which is a bona fide self defense knife but also useful for everyday carry. I bought this one on sale for $24 from Blade HQ. I think that’s all the knives I will buy for this year. The Squid is going in my bike saddle bag, the rainbow knife goes in my purse. I keep the CQC at home for now. All three of these knives were inexpensive but I do have some on my wishlist that are $30 plus which I’ll get in the future.


Rainbow Knife


CRKT Squid


Kershaw Emerson CQC 6K


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