Quarantine Life

It’s been two months since this pandemic started. I still get to go to work which I am grateful for. On my days off I’ve been watching alot of Netflix. In my last update I mentioned some shows I had watched. Well, here are some more.

1. B: The Beginning

2. Never Have I Ever

3. Haikyu

4. Hollywood

5. School Daze

There are probably more I just can’t remember them at the moment.

Quarantine has been tough on alot of people. I watch the news. However, protesting and acting a fool isn’t going to end the quarantine. If anything, it’s going to make things worse. States are trying to open back up and I see that this is a premature move. This is going to get people killed. Your haircut can wait. Your family dinner at Olive garden can fucking wait. Stop the bullshit and stay in the God damn house for fuck sake.

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