I Stan Chloe x Halle

2020 has been a shit fest. However, the one good thing about the last 7 months has been Chloe x Halle’s sophomore album Ungodly Hour which came out on June 12. I’ve talked about Chloe x Halle back when their first album came out in 2018. They still amaze me. This second album shows how they’ve grown personally and professionally. The songs are bops and I can’t get enough of these two.

Ungodly Hour has 13 tracks. The views on the video for the lead single, Do It has surpassed their Pretty Hurts cover on YouTube. Quarantine has them doing groundbreaking and fantastic performaces from their tennis court. I’m in love.

I went back and listened to their mixtapes: Sugar Symphony and The Two of Us, and with each re-listen I’m mind blown by their talent. Simply mind blown.

Ungodly Hour definitely has a sultry grown up vibe which fits since Chloe is 22 and Halle is 20. The songs are all bops. I have a hard time picking a top 3. It’s definitely one of the best albums of 2020 so far.

Chloe x Halle are super talented and I will continue to stan them. I’m putting y’all onto their wave. Go stream Ungodly Hour on all platforms and make sure to go back and stream Sugar Symphony, The Two of Us, and The Kids Are Alright.

Go look at their Dear Class of 2020 performace, Today Show performance, Global Citizen performance, BET Awards 2020 performance if you want to be mind blown by their sheer talent.

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