I’m Supposed to Be Mad?

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Twitter is my app of choice, even though I have a Facebook and IG. I also now have a MeWe account. So, for the past week or two, the liberal establishment has been going hard against Joe Rogan. Now, I know Joe Rogan as the former host of The Fear Factor and commentator for the UFC because I’m old, lol.

Joe Rogan has a podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience. He used to be on YouTube, but he moved to Spotify a few years ago. So, ever since the pandemic started people have tuned in to his show. In full transparency, I never listened to a Rogan podcast before the start of the pandemic. The controversy surrounding Rogan’s podcast surrounds his decision to have doctors on his show that oppose the covid narrative. Liberals went into a frenzy and a whole bunch of old artists, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell among them, threatened to leave Spotify if Spotify didn’t take Rogan off the platform. Spotify initially stood their ground and released a statement in support of Rogan. That pissed the woke mob off even more. Neil Young took his music off in protest. People started screaming about how their cancelling their Spotify subscription. Joe Rogan came out and apologized for “misinformation” and Spotify released another statement saying they were going to put a content warning on Rogan episodes that mentioned covid or the vaccines.

Of course, this STILL wasn’t enough, so they dug up clips of Rogan using the n-slur. welp, surely, that will make me angry right? a white dude saying the n-slur?! Well, I am not angry. I’m not angry because I’m not surprised. White folks say the n-slur. They say it in private, they say it under their breathes, they say it in public and then get shocked when the clips resurface. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. After these clips “resurfaced”, Spotify decided to delete over 100 episodes of Rogan’s podcast. Some episodes were from the resurfaced clips, some weren’t. Rogan again came out and apologized.

Now, I’m just waiting for Spotify to come out this week and completely remove Rogan from the platform. They have to appease the woke mob of course. As I am watching all of this going on, I laugh my ass off. I’m supposed to be mad at Rogan for covid “misinformation” and for saying the n-slur. I’m supposed to be mad at Rogan for being “right-wing”. I’m supposed to be mad at ANYONE who isn’t a liberal. I’m supposed to be mad 24/7/365, and honestly, it’s all laughable.

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