The State of TV in 2022

I personally didn’t watch a lot of TV this year, but what I did watch, I enjoyed. The two main shows I watched this year was Euphoria and Abbott Elementary. I did see clips of other shows, but I haven’t sat down to watch in full.


I did a series review on Euphoria here. After a COVID hiatus, Euphoria came back in January of this year to stellar acclaim. Zendaya did damn good this season. Damn good.

Abbott Elementary

I absolutely love this show. Quinta Brunson did the damn thing. Quinta is the creator, showrunner, actress, and writer of this show. It’s a refreshing comedy in a TV landscape that is narratively bleak. It revived the network sitcom in a way that many haven’t seen. I love it. The cast includes veteran actors Lisa Anne Walter and Sheryl Lee Ralph, former Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams, and comedian Janelle James as the core cast of teachers and administrators. I love that Quinta wanted to have Sheryl Lee Ralph on her show. Sheryl is an icon who definitely deserves all the good that is coming her way. She has been in this industry for a very long time.

Shows I Heard of But Didn’t Watch

House of Dragons, the Game of Thrones prequel- Didn’t see it.

Stranger Things- Never seen it.

The Boys- I don’t pay for Amazon Prime

Better Call Saul- Breaking Bad prequel. Didn’t see it

The White Lotus- Didn’t see it. It won a lot of Emmy’s.

The Sex Lives of College Girls- didn’t see it


Even though I didn’t watch all the popular television shows this year, I am aware of them. I look forward to television next year, even though Euphoria won’t come back until 2024.

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