Gun Control is Stupid

Gun control is stupid. Gun control is stupid. Gun control is stupid. Every spree killing since Columbine was orchestrated by the FBI and CIA. Criminals don’t follow gun laws. I’m tired of this shit. I used to be anti-gun. I used to believe the arguments. I used to get caught up in the emotionally manipulative talking points. I can’t anymore. I can’t sit here and confidently say gun control will solve crime and killing sprees. Gun control laws EXPLICITLY exclude cops. Cops who already have qualified immunity. Cops who already have been PROVEN to be useless. Cops who historically have been weaponized against minorities. Those are the people who are exempt from gun laws. Cops won’t be giving up their duty weapons or their personal weapons. Cops who already over-police minority neighborhoods will be sent to “confiscate” legally owned guns, while they let criminals run the streets. Bullshit. It’s bullshit.

I bought my first firearm in summer of 2020. It was honestly something I never thought I would do, but ultimately, I made the best decision I could have ever made. I’ve learned so much about guns and gun ownership. I’ve learned more about the history of gun ownership as it pertains to Black Americans. I’ve been to gun ranges and gun shows. I’ve talked to some cool folks.

I am tired of ya’ll screaming about guns and saying that legal gun owners should be punished for the actions of criminals and FBI/CIA plants. I’m just sick of it. Stop it.

The questions that need to be asked is why these people are being recruited by the FBI/CIA. Why are these spree killings only happening in gun free zones? Even the term “mass shootings” was coined to drum up fear in people. Don’t forget that the FBI/CIA are very skilled in causing mass casualties to further push government overreach. They will do anything to make sure the people are subjugated. All the world dictators slowly took the guns before they unleashed all their evil desires. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sadam, all of them. Trust me, you don’t want gun control. You don’t want gun confiscation.

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