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Lukewarm|Daily Prompt

It had been days since he had something to eat. He had lost feeling in his legs and could barely lift his head.

After his last punishment, he collapsed onto the cold hard floor.

He knew what he had done wrong. He knew why he was here, but for some reason he wanted to believe differently.

He wanted to believe this was all a big mistake. That he wasn’t the one who was supposed to be here. It was a case of mistaken identity.

Yet he knew that wasn’t true. He knew he was supposed to be there. He knew he deserved it.

He heard a creak in the floorboards. He hurriedly assumed the position.

His captor came down the stairs with a bottle in their hand. “Open up!”

He creaked open his mouth. His captor poured the contents of the bottle into his mouth. The liquid, which thankfully he realized was water, was lukewarm but it had been the only substance he had in days.

He tried to savor it. He tried to drink slowly, but his captor snatched the bottle away. “Get back in position!”

He returned to the position. His captor went back upstairs.

He began to weep. He knew he shouldn’t be crying because he deserved this. He deserved this abuse, this hell he was in was his own fault.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close| Daily Prompt

In a world where everyone is fixated on being seen, there is no such thing as privacy .

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram rule our lives.

Paparazzi snap pictures of celebs and their kids with no regard for human decency.

Everyone has to be noticed. All you do has to be shared, liked, reposted, retweeted.

You simply must snap a picture of the food you eat for the Gram.

Record your tenth anniversary dinner on Facebook Live.

Tweet about the time you lost your car keys.

Send a Snapchat with your rose colored headband to all your friends.

Everything is share worthy and nothing is private anymore.

It is like we value our worth by how many likes we get. How many retweets and shares.

We mistake it for closeness with others. Our “family” becomes our Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Our need to be seen masks the insecurities we hide deep within our souls.

We’re extremely loud and incredibly close to nothing but a screen. Nothing but false connections.



Up in Flames| Daily Prompt

Alexander just would not stop working. He had to get through to Congress.

Eliza wanted him to come home.

He should have taken a break.

Then he met Maria Reynolds. She seduced him with her good looks.

He just could not say no.

Maria’s husband found out. He wanted Alexander to pay up.

Burr, Madison, and Jefferson were so sick of Hamilton they were relieved when they found out about Maria.

But Hamilton played one thing smart, he kept his receipts. No illegal deed was done.

“I want to protect my legacy. I will get out in front of this. I’ll confess to my affair.”

The Reynolds Pamphlet became Alexander’s confession. The whole world read it.

Poor Eliza.

She was so embarrassed.

She wrote him a letter.

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I Won’t Make Any Promises| Daily Prompt

My mind has been playing with me.

Do I live or do I die?

I love you, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know what is happening.

I hid it in my nightstand.

I knew you would not want me to have it.

I couldn’t resist baby.

I needed it.

Maybe it is my final purchase.

$295 plus tax.

Do I live or do I die?

It is cleaned and loaded.

I won’t make any promises

I can only say it feels good against my head.


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