Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Well let me rephrase that,  happy father’s day to all the active fathers out there. The fathers that take care of their kids and not just call when it’s convenient. I never had a father in my life so I’ll say happy father’s day to my mother. Many women today are the mother and the father. A father is someone who is there for their family. They take the time to be with their kids everyday. They are faithful to their wives or girlfriends and don’t run out on them. Any … Continue reading Father’s Day

On Broadway

Kinky Boots, Annie, Cinderella, Pippin, and countless other Broadway shows were honored at last night’s 2013 Tony Awards. Niel Patrick Harris hosted the show that from what I saw, was pretty good. With Game 2 of the Spurs/Heat series coming on at 9 pm as well as the season finale of Army Wives, you can see that my viewing time was constantly changing between the 3 presentations. Patina Miller (pictured above) won a Tony for Best Actress in a Musical for her lead role in Pippin, while Cindy Laupher took home an award for writing Kinky Boots, and Cicely Tyson … Continue reading On Broadway

America the what ??

Why can’t everyone have the opportunity to go to college? Why is it that hundreds of people have to take out loans along with financial aid to pay for their education. Is it so wrong to let everyone be able to further their education. After the government fucks up the economy they then have the nerve to say they want to increase the student loan rate interest. They say people should go to college only if they can afford it. That’s not right. I am a college student who has to take out loans along with financial aid so that … Continue reading America the what ??

Is it bad that….

Is it bad that females really don’t know how to love a man. Or is it just that men want to act like boys when it comes to commitment. Are women now only looked at for their body and not for what is in their heart. I just heard Bad on the radio & thought about it. The song suggest that women can have good sex but can’t love. Maybe that is true for some women. Maybe everyone is looking for relationships they don’t need. I don’t know how everyone else thinks this is just my opinion. Continue reading Is it bad that….