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Please Read: Help for Dawn

Hey everyone, let’s help Mer’s friend Dawn. ❤

Merbear's World


I’m sad to report that only myself and my friend Cheryl, who did the majority of the work putting this together for our friend, have donated. I do not normally get involved in things like this, but Dawn means so much to me and honestly, her situation at present moment makes me cry .

My friend Cheryl and I have been blog friends these last few months with a beautiful soul, a proud transgender woman named Dawn, who resides in Florida.

Dawn is going through some extremely hard times right now, as she is homeless and has several chronic health conditions. Because we both love and care for her, we have decided to team up and create a GoFundMe account for her.

If you’d like to donate (any amount is appreciated!) please click here.

If you are unable to donate, we’re asking if you could please share this on…

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