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Can Art and artist be separated?

Bill Cosby. Robert Kelly. Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Louis C. K.

Those names are very familiar now for all the WRONG reasons. Their actions brought in the new era of accountability known as the #METOO movement. 2017 was a wild time for accountability. It seemed like every time you turned around, someone would be getting called to the carpet for being a sexual predator. Weinstein ended up in prison. Cosby ended up in prison. Kelly ended up in prison. Louis still has a career as does Spacey, if you can call it a “career”.

Last month, Bill Cosby was released from prison due to a legal technicality. It had something to do with a plea deal Cosby made in an earlier trial from like 2004. Anyway, his show, The Cosby Show was a prominent show in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a little bit before my time(i was born in 1992). The show aired on NBC and was one of the highest rated shows of its time during its entire run.

I’ve watched the show often over the years. When all the stuff about Cosby’s sexual misconduct came out, people began calling for The Cosby Show reruns to be taken off the air. Their stance was that by airing re-runs of the show, the networks would be implicitly endorsing Bill Cosby himself and therefore agreeing with his misconduct. The networks complied, and re-runs were subsequently taken off the air. I remember feeling miffed about this because I felt that people were punishing the cast for the actions of one man. Cosby did what he did, but taking the show off of syndication would only hurt the remaining actors of the series in my opinion. When shows are in syndication, everyone working on the show gets paid royalties. Many of the actors from the show did go on to have good acting careers and were successful in other ventures, but they still should have been able to receive the royalties they earned from the show.

All of this brings me to my main question, can the art be separated from the artist? I personally believe it can, but I understand why some people may feel differently. It is a personal choice for you to stop engaging with an artist’s content because of their off-screen misconduct. That is your prerogative. YOU cannot tell ME that I cannot engage with the artist’s content just because you don’t.

The Cosby Show currently is available on Amazon Prime. It may still come on TV, on channels like TVLand, but I don’t have cable so I am not sure. I just watched a really good YouTube video about this particular subject. The video is by a YouTuber named Jose. I’ve linked it below. it is about an hour and a half long.

Bottom line for me is that separating the art from the artist is ultimately a personal choice and one that you cannot force onto someone else. The shows, films, tv specials, music, et cetera that these men have worked on are still apart of the overall media culture. Their wrongdoings have tarnished their own representations as well as the representations of their art, however, engaging with their content doesn’t mean that you implicitly or explicitly endorse these men’s wrongdoings. Accusing someone of endorsing sexual misconduct just because they watch re-runs of The Cosby Show or watch old Kevin Spacey films, or listen to Robert Kelly’s music(and music he has produced or been a songwriter on), is a slippery slope that I don’t think you all are prepared enough or cognizant enough to try and go down.

America is Exhausting: Part Two

Last year was one hell of a year! I wrote about my frustrations in this post: America is Exhausting: Aย Rant. I’m finally ready to add a part two. So, as I discussed in a previous post, I’ve been having trouble writing. Well, I’m slowly getting back into the habit. In my post from last year, I talked about how exhausting the political climate was, the chaos unfolding in the streets, and how everyone was so hostile and tense over the most banal things. The political climate hasn’t calmed down much even with a new president, and with the pandemic still raging on, people are even more short tempered and hostile. I had to literally re-arrange my social media feeds and stop watching the daily news, because everything was so wild.

I love America, I also recognize that America has it’s problems. There is no need for me to harp on those issues, at least not in this post. I think the climate we are in right now is one that is hell-bent on division and chaos. We live in a time where everyone seemingly hates America and is all too eager to list out this country’s problems. I find this counterproductive. It has only caused more strife and harm among us as people. I’m tired of the arguing, I’m tired of the fighting, I want us to come together. Yes, we can all acknowledge that America has problems, but we can also find common ground. I want the best for this country. I want us to learn from the past and work together to create a bright future for those that come after that. In order to do that, we need to cut out all the political nonsense and find common ground.

Democrat vs Republican, Gay vs Straight, White vs Black, its all distracting us from our greater goal, uniting America. This is the United States of America, after all. Maybe, I’m too idealistic, and things have gone way too far off the rails. I’m just honestly tired. I want better for America, but I believe the only way we can get America to be better, is by stopping all the fighting and coming together as one.

Blog Announcement!

I have been a wordpress user since 2013. This blog has been a saving grace for me as I try to connect with the world. I enjoy being able to share my thoughts with others as I find it very relaxing. I thank everyone who has been with me on this journey. With that being said, I have a BIG announcement….


I am thankful for everyone who has come to my blog these past years and hope you continue to be inspired by my content.

No I am not putting my posts behind a paywall. Any and all donations I receive is completely OPTIONAL. I hope to eventually create a subscription based service for my posts. For now I will accept any donation you choose to give me. Thank you again.

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2020: A Year in Review

A global pandemic. An election. Civil unrest. 2020 was one hell of a year. I remember back in my 2016 recap I said 2016 was hell. Well, 2020 damn sure took the cake. JFC. We started the year talking about world war 3, so I guess we should have known the year was going to go ape shit.


Election 2020 was a shit show. The idiot in chief vs the former vice president whose actually been in Washington longer than I’ve been alive. Literally, joe Biden has been in Washington for 47 years. No matter how hard we the people try, the political establishment really only wants old white men in power. Even the working class darling, Bernie Sanders, is in his late 70s. They even tried impeaching the idiot in chief and of course, that didn’t work. Because of the pandemic, most people, including me, voted by mail for the first time in our lives. When election night came around, I knew some mess was going to go down, but damn. It took 5 DAYS for Biden to be declared the winner. 5 DAYS. JFC.

Social InJustice

More people got shot by cops this year. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor became the latest victims of deadly police. It took Minneapolis police 8 minutes and 46 seconds to end George Floyd’s life. It took 4 days for the officers to be fired and charged. In those four days, the city burned. Protests swept the nation and the world. Then the news of Breonna Taylor came out. She was shot while sleep in her house. Police wrongly enforced a no-knock warrant on her home. She was shot 9 times. The protests that were already going on, intensified. Here we were in late May/early June, in the midst of a global pandemic and people risked their lives to once again go protest police brutality. I’m tired. As a Black woman, I’m fucking tired. As a human being, I’m fucking tired. Also in the midst of all this, celebrities and corporations decided to jump in the trend of pretending to care about Black people by posting black squares on instagram, putting the hashtag #blm in their twitter bios, and making videos about how much of an “ally” they are. This was quite an annoying summer. JFC.


Celebrities got slapped in the face with reality during this year. Us regular people are in the midst of a global pandemic that is killing people and there was no time for celebrities and their stupidity. As someone who rarely gets caught up in celebrity stuff, it was hard not to hear about their constant tone deaf behavior. From Ellen Degeneres comparing the lockdown to prison, to a well known Black celebrity lamenting about how people on EBT should only be allowed to buy fresh foods, I have had ENOUGH. Damn, they all need new publicists or they just need to log off the fucking internet. Good grief. We also can’t forget the many idiots who partied and traveled in the midst of the god damn pandemic and had the audacity only rich people have, to post it all online. It was also funny to see these once beloved celebrities get dragged with the fierceness that a shark drags it’s victims ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

We lost Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Alex Trebek, Jerry Stiller, Carl Reiner, Naya Rivera, Little Richard, Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, and many more this year. RIP to all of them.


I am putting music in a separate section because the music of 2020 was really the only good thing to come out of this year. From Chloe x Halle’s sophomore album Ungodly Hour to Mac Miller and Pop Smoke posthumous releases, the music of 2020 was A1. I profiled my favorite albums from this year in my previous post.

Personal Life

In the midst of a global pandemic that saw a nationwide lockdown lead to over 50 million people becoming unemployed, I am still employed throughout this pandemic. It’s a catch 22 because while I am grateful to still have a job, I work in what is now known as a high risk profession.

Going Forward

In my opinion, the first few months of 2021 won’t look much different than the last few months of 2020. Yes there is a vaccine, but it is slowly being rolled out and there is still much debate as to whether those who need it will be able to get it. There was also a new strain of the virus that was just discovered the other day. We really don’t know what we are going to do regarding this virus. We can only hope for the best.

Biden takes office on January 21, he has a lot of work to do. It would be wise of him to not make excuses about why he can’t do anything because of the current occupant of Pennsylvania avenue. People are struggling and now isn’t the time for excuses and empty platitudes.

I hope next year is vastly better than this year on a national and global scale. Life was very hard for many people this year. To anyone reading this and who may be struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HELP to 741-741 to reach Crisis Text Line.

America is Exhausting: A Rant

I’m so damn tired. Another Black man was shot by police last week. He lived fortunately, but could be paralyzed for the rest of his life. His shooting led to protests throughout his town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the midst of these protests, there was a shooting. 2 died, 1 was injured. The alleged shooter is a 17 year old boy. It’s not clear whether he was acting in self defense or if he was there simply to kill people. I didn’t see the videos so I don’t even fucking know. He got arrested and is being charged with murder among other charges.

There is so much going on that I can’t keep up. This week was the republican national convention. I only watched some of it. Last week was the Democrat national convention and I only watched some of that too. I’m so tired of everything. The Democrats are painting the picture that the Republicans are bad and if you don’t vote for them then the country is going to fall into ruin. The Republicans are painting the same picture. What people are failing to realize is that America has always been this way. This country was built on violence and destruction. What’s going on now didn’t start when Trump took office. It’s been building for centuries. Cops have been beating and killing Black people for centuries. Black people have been fighting for justice for centuries. This shit isn’t new. It’s never been new. I’m so tired.

Everyone is worrying about November and getting rid of Trump, but that isn’t going to stop anything honestly. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back in. We are faced with a possible civil war, a bullshit excuse for an election, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, all in the midst of a goddamn pandemic. Between now and November we don’t know what the fuck will happen. I’m so fucking tired of this shit.